Fuji MAC Septic Air Pumps

Fuji Mac Air pumps, while new to the United States, are world renowned and very well known in Asian countries. They are made by Fuji Clean who is the largest manufacturer of aerobic septic
systems in the world. They dwarf American manufacturers with 50,000 aerobic septic systems units a year produced and put in the
ground. They produce and make more systems than all the manufactures here combined. On top of all of that, they have also been in business for 20 years longer than any company here, so they are very good at what they do. They manufacture an air pump that runs on 1 amp (that’s right 1 amp) and it is the most energy efficient unit in the world today. It runs at super low temperatures that are almost unbelievable. A HiBlow is hot to the touch whereas a Fuji Mac is warm at best even under extreme tests which improves its overall performance.
Fuji Mac has hundreds of thousands of these all over the place. In Indonesia they have had units in the ground for over seven years and not one has failed. This amazing feat is due to certain design
features, and a unit that runs at temperatures that are 45-50 degrees less than a Hiblow, Secoh, or Thomas. This lower temperature translates into less wear and stress on the diaphragm which leads to a much longer life.

Energy efficiency.
Fuji Mac septic air pump aerators are the most efficient septic air pump aerators on the market today using 56 watts and pulling 1 amp they use very little power. It helps with the longevity of the unit as the temperature is lower inside the diaphragm materials number one enemy is heat. By using less energy, it creates less heat.

Made in Japan
Made in Japan not China, the Philippines, or Taiwan. Fuji Mac is very proud of this as labor costs are higher in Japan than elsewhere. The benefits of doing this include very high quality control.
The factory is fanatically clean and is more like a clean room making microchips at Intel than one you would think of typically. The benefits of dealing with a Japanese company and buying a
product made by them are that they are very honor-bound people who take with the utmost seriousness the quality of the goods they produce. They would feel great shame if they created a
substandard product, and are very honest in the dealings we have had with them. I can say that the four people I have dealt with from their company are some of the most respectful and honorable people. Their product has done everything they said, and more. I have every confidence this pump will turn out to be the new standard in a couple more years of real-world testing.

The dealer who is selling these are backing them with a two-year warranty which is unheard of but the owner said he is not worried about it he knows they are the best on the market. They are that confident in the product and have been working with us closely. They told us to beat them, and run them as hard as we could put them in the most unforgiving environments. So that’s what we have done with no issues.

When comparing Septic air pumps and aerators, longevity is a key factor. The Fuji Mac will outlast every single one of them. We know. We have run the test: 10 Fuji Macs against 10 Hiblows, Thomas, and Secohs. The test was with ten different systems for each compressor as these units perform the same under stress and are the most popular. The Fuji Mac is the only pump that has yet to have a failure. The people at Fuji Mac are very confident these units will last over 5-6 years with no issues. Some of the other units are still running. Hiblow, as of me writing this, has had the least amount of failure with four pumps needing rebuilding in 3 and half years. The old Secoh model has had the highest rate of failure with seven. The new
JDK Secoh was not tested, and we have heard excellent things about this unit. It’s rare-earth magnet, like the Fuji mac, will extend its life. We are sure and have just started running the
tests on them. Mind you, this test was done in Texas, and it is probably the most unforgiving areas a test can be done. A rotary vane pump was not used as it’s in a class of its own but time will
tell. The Fuji Mac might last as long which would make it the best septic air pump ever made.

Replacing your old septic air pump
If you are replacing your old pump, I would give strong consideration to the Fuji Mac. Though not as proven in the USA as a Hiblow, their worldwide reputation and all the tests we have done lead us to believe this is the best diaphragm septic air pump on the market today. The quality is ridiculously good on the build and you won’t be disappointed. This unit will save you money all around on electricity, upfront cost, and maintenance.