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For over 25 years, Enviro-Flo has been creating Septic Systems that respect the natural environment around your home. Based in Mississippi, Enviro-Flo has cut out its own corner of the septic system market, by providing quality products that last. Although the matured company has a highly regarded reputation, Enviro-Flo knows it will always have room to grow. That’s why the company has never stopped working diligently to update and perfect it’s septic products.

Aerator Motors

Enviro-Flo offers multiple aerator motors based on on your gallon per day needs. These motors have a UL Outdoor rating and have been approved by the NSF for use. When you bring them into your neighborhood, you do not have to worry about bothering your neighbors. Enviro-Flo motors have an extremely quiet operation. They have an average of 32 dBA sound at 1 meter. This ensures you can use them all day and night, without any upsetting noises.

Not only are these motors quiet, but they are extremely energy efficient. They have an average power consumption of 120 VAC, 60hz, and 38 watts. They also utilize a low starting current, so your power bill will not skyrocket. The cost savings go far beyond your power bill. The oil-less, contamination-free exhaust gives the system an overall cleaner process. This limits the amount of money you have to spend on maintenance. The system also utilizes an Automatic Pressure Limitation, which ensures your system is not being overworked. This, combined with Thermal Protection, gives Enviro-Flo Motors a long, efficient life.

Although the system requires little maintenance, like all motors, some maintenance will be required eventually. If your septic tank motor stops working, you do not have to up and buy a new system right away. Enviro-Flo systems can be rebuilt for a fraction of the cost of a new septic system. The rebuilding process is simple and typically takes about 30 minutes. By utilizing proper maintenance techniques and rebuilding your system when it gives out, you can ensure your Enviro-Flo system will have a long life.

Control Panels

Not only does Enviro-Flo offer treatment systems and aerator motors, but the company also manufactures control panels. These panels have an alarm to let you know when there is a problem with your septic system.

Product Lines

Wastewater Treatment Systems

  • Enviro-Flo Specifications

    The Enviro-Flo Wastewater Treatment System is the ideal system for single home applications. The system consists of a single tank and dually extended aeration activated sludge. Wastewater from your home will flow into the pre-treatment aeration zone of the system, where it will be broken down by aerobic microbes. Once the organisms break down most of the waste, the partially broken down waste enters the second aeration chamber. In this area, waste is continually exposed to microbes for the remainder of the process. This prolonged exposure to helpful bacteria results in a lower concentration of pathogenic bacteria.

    Although this dual process significantly helps clarify the water, after the second aeration chamber the mixture enters a clarifier, where calm conditions separate the solids and wastewater. This results in a clear and odor-less effluent that meets NSF Standard 40.

  • NuWater Specifications

    Similar to the Enviro-Flo Wastewater Treatment System, the NuWater Wastewater Treatment System is designed for single household use. However, instead of having dual aeration, the NuWater system utilizes both a single tank and a single extended aeration activated sludge.

    In this system, wastewater from your home will flow into the pretreatment septic zone. The solids from the wastewater provide nutrients for healthy bacteria and microbes to thrive in the tank. Once the organisms start to break down the solids, the waste will transfer to the aeration chamber. After aeration, the mixture will enter a clarifier, where the remaining solids, microbes, and treated wastewater are separated. This process leaves a clear and odor-less effluent that meets NSF Standard 40.

Control Panels

  • EF-D - Drip Controller Specifications

    The EF-D Drip Controller has a lockable Nema 4x enclosure that holds circuit breakers for pump and alarms. It utilizes a repeat cycle timer that can be overridden or reset. If any issues arise within your system, there is a digital even counter and diagnostic display to tell you what is wrong. If you are not able to address the problem right away, you can turn off the 360-degree alarm light and high decibel audible buzzer by using the mute switch.

  • EF-A - Standard High Water Alarm Specifications

    The EF-A Standard High Water Alarm also utilizes a Nema 4x enclosure. This alarm has a low-pressure air sensor that you can easily install yourself, thanks to a detailed connection diagram. The panel allows you to run tests to see if the alarm is properly working. You can also mute the UV resistant Alarm, so it does not keep ringing while you’re fixing any potential issues.

Key Benefits

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