Secoh Septic Air Pumps

The Secoh brand originated in Japan with the intention of creating high-quality linear diaphragm air pumps for the treatment of large quantities of wastewater. For example, many of these pumps are now used in sewage systems, fishing, energy reservation, medical, and more applications. With more than 30 years of professional experience in creating high-efficiency and quality linear air pumps, Secoh’s like of septic air pumps is sure to live up to the reputation. Many of the Secoh septic air pumps are perfect for applications in which more wastewater is produced, making Secoh brand septic air pumps one of the best options on the market today for heavier applications.

Septic air pumps are a necessary part of any aerobic septic system. In order to maintain the health of your septic system, oxygen must be ‘fed’ to the system’s bacteria. The bacteria use this oxygen in the process of breaking down and settling waste from your commercial or residential septic system, ensuring the system stays healthy and the wastewater can be properly disposed of. A broken or malfunctioning septic system can result in foul-smelling discharge, overflow, corrosion, difficulty during collection and disposal, and other costly and time-consuming issues.

Features of Secoh Septic Air Pumps

Secoh’s collection of linear diaphragm septic air pumps are designed with the consumer in mind. Each pump runs completely oilless, meaning that there is no need for additional lubrication to be applied, guaranteeing dry, unadulterated airflow. The simple linear construction in combination with the dry-running capabilities makes Secoh septic air pumps one of the most affordable options in terms of maintenance and life expectancy. With no parts touching, simple construction, and only rare maintenance requirements, the Secoh septic air pumps can last up to 12 years.

The Secoh septic air pumps also feature single construction technology, meaning motor and parts are combined in one construction, making the pumps light and rainproof and eliminating the need for special housing or protection. In addition to their lightness and water-tightness, Secoh septic air pumps feature low vibration and noise level guarantees. Each pump is made with the soundproof casing, and boast vibration-isolating rubber to minimize the audible impact of your pump.

Product Lines

Septic Air Pumps

  • SLL-40 Septic Air Pump Specifications

    This pump is an excellent option for anyone looking to purchase or replace a small to midsize aerator pump. This pump can handle 500 GPD systems without a problem, and boasts an impressively low power consumption of only 32 Watts, making it the perfect pump for homeowners looking for an excellent linear septic pump solution.

  • EL-60 Septic Air Pump Specifications

    This pump can handle up to 65L of air per minute while only consuming an impressively low energy level of only 56 Watts, making it another excellent and efficient option for home septic systems.

  • EL-80-15 Septic Air Pump Specifications

    This pump is a perfect option for 500-600 GPD systems and again boasts outstanding performance and longevity. Quite running, thick aluminum housing for sound and waterproofing, as well as a built-in thermal limiter, make this an excellent pump for all your septic pump needs.

  • EL-80-15-AL Septic Air Pump Specifications

    This pump, which features all the same features of the Secoh EL-80-15, comes with an additional safety feature: an alarm. This alarm will sound if the unit is producing under 1.5 PSI, ensuring you always know right away when your system is facing an issue and can address it before the issue becomes more serious and expensive.

  • JDK-80 Septic Air Pump Specifications

    Considered one of the most efficient septic aerators on the market in its class, the Secoh JDK-80 septic air pump contains rare Earth-magnets, helping to improve its efficiency. The magnets allow for a cooler run, while simultaneously pulling less power than traditional models. This model is ideal for 500 to 750 GPD systems.

  • EL-100-UL Septic Air Pump Specifications

    This septic air pump boasts an impressive 110L of air per minute and is rated for 2.4 PSI operating pressure. Along with its impressive stats, this septic air pump is durable, soundproof, and can last years before its first servicing.

  • EL-120-W Septic Air Pump Specifications

    This septic air pump is best for use on 750-1000 GPD aerobic septic systems and boasts impressively low volume and energy-efficient operation. With a 2.8 PSI rated operating pressure at only 126 watts, this pump is as cost-effective as it is long-wearing and efficient.

  • EL-150-15 Septic Air Pump Specifications

    This septic air pump is intended for use on 750-1000 GPD aerobic septic systems. This model is also rated for outdoor use, making it perfect for ponds, or sewage systems that require outdoor-rated pumps.

Key Benefits

  • Cost Effective

    Despite being top of their class, Secoh septic air pumps won’t leave your wallet feeling too light. Most Secoh models are available for under $300 USD, and with their low-impact no-oil running system can last years before requiring routine repairs.

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