Hydro-Action Septic Systems

The Hydro-Action Aerobic Treatment Unit invented by Gig Drewery in 1989. Bruce Craig ran the operations when they first started in Texas. They were the most significant treatment plant manufacture in Texas. Then some lawsuits were filed over some stupid patents that are not even worth the paper they are on. Gig and Craig had a massive operation as well way too many employees one time they had 15-20 engineers you don’t need full-time engineers in this business those mistakes caught up with them. They owed Gast somewhere in the neighborhood of 660k, and AK who made the cones over a million so in the bankruptcy AK got them. Now a wholly-owned subsidiary of AK industries.

Since 1989 Hydro-Action has been in the aerobic septic system business. Hydro-Action was made in Texas until 2004-2006 and was owned by Gig. They are prevalent in the Midwest, and east coast areas not a lot of new systems are being put in southern states any longer. Do to when AK received them I don’t know if they wanted to be in the aerobic septic system manufacturing business and didn’t know what to do. So it was a back burner project, and from what I gather they are a not an aggressive company. When Hydro-Action was located in Lumberton, they were being put in the ground left and right in Texas, so you see them in Texas, Louisiana, and other southern states. AK is making a push back into these states.

The unit itself is well made and does a great job treating wastewater it is one of the top tier units with great diffusers and comfortable access design that is service friendly. It is easier to service the diffusers than systems that are of a similar design Clearstream being the big one. It is close in design to Clearstream, and Ecological Tank Aerobic septic system. These units use Gast Rotary vane septic air pumps or Hiblow septic aerators.

About AK Industries:
They are a leader in fiberglass and polyethylene products for the wastewater market. AK Industries is a leader in the manufacturing of lift stations and other wastewater tank applications they also rotomolded the cones the other manufacturers put in their systems.

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