Tuf-Tite Septic Tank Risers

Tuf-Tite is the dominant force in the septic riser industry with most of the manufacturers, and O.E.M manufacturers, using them for septic risers. They have been producing risers for around three decades. Their growth over the last 15 years has exploded under the current leadership. This growth was made possible by a wise choice to hire someone that had the industry knowledge and vision for the product they needed to make. They make a wide variety of septic parts from effluent filters to concrete handles made for precast septic lids. They also manufacture all types of other plastic parts. Their facility is a fantastic operation with giant plastic mold injecting equipment that pumps out products nonstop hundreds of times a minute.

Their customer service is excellent for installers and they care about both the industry and the success of others. If you are an installer that can buy a pallet or two, they will sell to you, and this has helped them grow to where they are today. Their catalog is straightforward with pricing, and everything in case quaintly ships free. They took a very customer-focused approach to their business and listened to what installers wanted and delivered on that. Once you are in with them you are in for life there has been no talk of “well he sells more so this is his territory and you have to buy from him now.” They do have established sellers who they will refer smaller buyers too.

The Experience Matters

Tuf-Tite has done an excellent job at creating a culture of genuine customer focus. When you call, the employees who answer are quick, knowledgeable, and straightforward. They know so much about the product and they see what will fit on a pallet, what won't, and will tell you why “don’t we do this we can get more on” or “why don’t we do that it will cost you less.”Who does that these days? If you’re a pallet short of a discount on the whole load they tell you. Sometimes you’re getting a pallet of product for next to nothing which helps your bottom line. If ever a dispute arises they are always quick to resolve the issue. We have only had one time a shipment was wrong; some things that we thought we had ordered did not arrive, and some things we didn’t did. This was resolved before the hour was up and it was more of a misunderstanding of what we wanted. It wasn’t clarified and Tuf-Tite took care of it.

It’s little things like this that keep people loyal and we are someone that would vigorously defend this company if someone spoke poorly of them. That’s how well they treat dealers.

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