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Hoot Septic Systems

Septic System Control Panels The Hoot system utilizes a circuit board computer inside the control panel, and a sensor type systeminstead of float switch system.

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Enviro-Flow Septic Systems

For over 25 years, Enviro-Flo has been creating Septic Systems that respect the natural environment around your home. Based in Mississippi, Enviro-Flo has cut out

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JET Septic Systems

What can you say about the grandfather of residential septic systems? Jet is the first company to mass-produce an aerobic septic system and receive NSF

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Septic Systems serve nearly 25 percent of the U.S population. Disposal of wastewater on-site used to be the prominent choice. Though rural areas regularly don't have sewer service available. Septic systems remain a prominent necessity. On-site systems are often reliable when maintained properly.

A typical system regularly contains a few core elements. Including a septic tank, distribution box, and rock and gravel lined absorption field. The field is often referred to as a drain field.

Tanks are regularly made of concrete, fiberglass, or plastic. In much older homes, steel tanks are often found. Steel tanks ultimately require replacing and are no longer recommended. Wastewater eventually rusts out steel and likely cause tanks to collapse.

Wastewater, otherwise known as effluent, passes through the tank to the distribution box. The effluent passes through holes and into the rock and gravel zone. It then is eventually absorbed through the soil.

An absorption field treats wastewater through 3 essential processes. Physical, chemical, and biological. The soil acts as a natural buffer to filter out bacteria, viruses, and excessive nutrients.

The wastewater typically is treated before reaching groundwater. A system should be designed and constructed by a competent professional. Additionally, your system requires proper maintenance.

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