Blue Diamond Septic Air Pumps

If your aerobic septic air pump is on its last legs, and you need an excellent and cost-effective replacement, the Blue Diamond line of septic air pumps is the answer. Both cost-effective and operates dependably to keep your aerobic septic system in good health. For aerobic septic systems, a functioning and dependable septic air pump is a crucial component. Air pumps supply your system with crucial oxygen to help the bacteria within your system break down and settle waste within your system. Without proper oxygen flow, the bacteria within the system are unable to properly break down the waste, which can result in damage to your system, overflow of the tank, difficulties in removal and disposal, the toxicity of the system, foul-smelling discharge, and more.

One of the issues faced by people looking to improve their aerobic septic system relates to cost. Many aerobic septic air pumps can be very expensive, and with such a hefty price tag many people will wait to replace an already faulty air pump because of the cost. Blue Diamond septic air pumps are an excellent solution to this problem. Not only is Blue Diamond septic air pumps excellent tools in maintaining the health of your septic system, but they also happen to be one of the more affordable lines of septic pumps currently available. These pumps are dependable, expertly made, and available at extraordinarily reasonable and affordable prices. For anyone looking to replace an existing septic aeration pump, or set up a new septic system, the Blue Diamond line of septic air pumps are the dependable and affordable answer.

Key Features

Blue Diamond septic air pumps are expertly constructed for durability, safe operation, and efficiency. Each septic air pump is constructed using weatherproof metal parts and specialized design to improve diaphragm durability. These pumps well suited for both indoor and outdoor use and can be run continuously or intermittently. In the event that a minor problem should occur with your Blue Diamond septic air pump, inexpensive and highly effective rebuild kits are available. With the use of a rebuild kit, the Blue Diamond septic air pumps can be rebuilt more than once, ensuring long-lasting service and dependability. Luckily, Blue Diamond septic air pumps are able to run without lubrication (be it oil or otherwise), which significantly simplifies maintenance on your end. These pumps are also specifically built to meet energy-saving standards, keeping you and the environment happy.

The Blue Diamond septic air pumps come fitted with a built-in alarm buzzer with LED light to indicate low or loss of pressure. This feature ensures easy monitoring and maintenance of your septic air pump and takes the guesswork out of ensuring your system is running properly. The Blue Diamond septic air pump line also features thermal overload protection, ensuring your septic air pump never overheats. Blue Diamond septic air pumps also include features to improve and increase oxygen flow to your aerobic septic system. The Blue Diamond ET100 septic air pump, for instance, features a high flow rate to increase oxygen flow to your system, and reduce the amount of effluent drain off from your septic system. As mentioned above, the Blue Diamond line of septic air pumps features non-wearing parts, which in combination with high-efficiency performance and low-energy usage results in peak efficiency without sacrificing performance or longevity of the pump itself.


Blue Diamond septic air pumps are one of the most affordable lines of septic air pumps on the market. For instance, the Blue Diamond ET40 septic air pump will cost you less than $130 but can still handle over 500 gallons of water each day. Along with the low cost of purchase, Blue Diamond septic air pumps are cost-effective to run. The Blue Diamond ET80A, for instance, can be run on as little as 85 watts, making it both inexpensive to power and better for the environment.

Blue Diamond septic air pumps are the perfect option for non-commercial/industrial purposes, will save you money, and ensure your aerobic septic system stays healthy and functioning for years.

Regardless of which model you choose, be it the Blue Diamond ET80 (one of the most commonly used septic air pumps for 500-600 gpd systems), the Blue Diamond ET120A (which can handle 120L per minute) or any of the other excellent Blue Diamond septic air pump options, you are sure to be satisfied. Blue Diamond pumps are dependable, long-lasting, efficient, and cost-effective, making them an incredible option for any home septic system.

Warranty Information

2-Year Limited Warranty Through Wholesale Septic Supply
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