Hiblow Septic Air Pumps

Founded by Tomoasa Kawaski April 1st, 1947, and now lead by his son Nozomu Kawasaki, Hiblow Septic Air Pumps are the industry leader for aeration pumps.

TECHNO TAKATSUKI/HiBLOW introduced the diaphragm pump in 1967 they are the first and original patent holder of the diaphragm pump. With the largest market share, and volume of pumps sold in the United States for many years they are the most common septic air pump found on an aerobic septic system. Manufacturing pumps for Clearstream, Hoot, Consolidated Treatment systems, Proflow, Hydro-Action, Enviro Flow/ Nu-water, and many others.

With constant improvements in the materials and mechanisms, TECHNO TAKATSUKI has introduced more than 20 million Septic air pumps/aerators to the market since then, thus responding to customers’ demand.

The Hiblow Septic Air Pumps are one of the most reliable, and longest lasting diaphragm pump on the market today. The HP Series of Hiblow has been used for over 15 years in the septic industry. Originally labeled a Gast compressor and imported by Gast for the first years 1997-2002. In 2002. This helped Hiblow gain the market share it did as the rotary vane was the pump of choice for a long time and Gast had most of the market.  Hiblow then decided to set up its own distribution office in Michigan taking full control from manufacturing to delivery of the units. Hiblows RD is also powerful and robust they take reliability, and performance serious with years spent testing before coming to market with a new product.

The Hiblow HP-80 septic aerator/ air pump is the most common air pump found on an aerobic septic system. Most systems are designed around the sqft of the home, and 500gpd is the most common system installed today.

The HP Series has models from 40 all the way to 200 liters of air per minute. HP-40,HP-60,HP-80,HP-100,HP120,HP-150,HP-200.There are also long life models that have a corresponding LL at the end of the model number called the HP-100LL, HP-120LL these have different internal parts than the regular 100-120 pumps and the kits for the regular will not work in the LL models, and the LL kits will not work in the 100/120 units. All of these units have a rebuild kit also HP-40, HP-60, HP-80, HP-100, HP-100LL.HP-120,HP-120LL, HP-150,HP-200. The 100/120LL kit is the same parts as the 150-200 kit.

The Hiblow Septic Air Pumps are priced higher than most pumps on the market. This is done partly because of the name brand and the market share it has. These septic aerators are the benchmark for other septic air pumps or septic aerators. Due to its ease of maintenance and how many times it can be rebuilt in the long run, it is a more cost-effective pump. You can buy a Hiblow rebuild kit for an HP-80, and they can be rebuilt two times with no issues. After two rebuilds it is recommended you replace your aerator.

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