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National Wastewater Systems, Inc. has for years been a leading innovator of septic system technology. The introduction of their aerobic systems has brought wastewater treatment into the future using extended aeration methods of treatment. Their Solar Air systems serve both residential and industrial environments.

About Aerobic Sewage Treatment

Aerobic treatment is one of the most effective ways to safely treat sewage. For decades, aeration methods have been used in everything from gardening to lawn treatments. The philosophy behind aerobic methods is to let natural organisms and bacteria do the brunt of the work, and only stepping in with chemicals or other materials when absolutely necessary. The result is more efficient, cheaper, and better for the environment. Aeration and activated sludge methods of waste treatment have been in use for almost 100 years, and have contributed greatly to the overall cleanliness and public health. National Wastewater Systems has taken this age-old, proven method and brought it into the 21st century with their Solar Aerobic systems.

Fiberglass Encased

National Wastewater Septic Systems products are encased in fiberglass, allowing wastewater to be treated confidently. Fiberglass, when used to reinforce plastics can result in a material significantly stronger than alternative materials such as wood or metal. Fiberglass structures maintain strength by allowing the fibers to carry the load while resin redistributes the weight evenly throughout the other parts as needed.

Why Choose Solar Air Systems

Solar Air Systems are extremely user-friendly. Their design has been stripped to its most elegant form, meaning there are no small pieces or inserts that need to be maintained and replaced. There are no costly, annoying filter changes involved in owning a Solar Air system, either. The systems are easy to manage and unobtrusive. Each system was designed with the consumer in mind, placing a great emphasis on ease of installation and infrequent maintenance requirements. Both home and commercial environments were considered in the design, resulting in a quiet, almost unnoticeable system.

Heavy-duty, reinforced concrete is used in all systems, ensuring peace of mind that no leaks or other messy disasters will occur during the life of the product. All products are also GCT and NSF tested. Solar Air systems are a smart buy for the consumer and the environment.

Product Lines

Solar Aerobic Septic Systems

  • 3-Compartment System Specifications

    The Solar Aerobic 3-Compartment System is the ultimate home treatment system. It is an extended aeration activated sludge process, which mostly utilizes introduced air as a method of treating wastewater. Aeration allows dissolved oxygen to react with the wastewater and promote the growth of helpful bacteria that break down solid waste. The 3-compartment system has a three-step treatment process.

    • Pretreatment begins where influent connects with the house before wastewater even enters the tank.
    • Wastewater enters the aeration chamber where oxygen is added to the sewage.
    • Treated wastewater encounters the clarifier, where clear and odor-less effluent rises.

    The aerator and pump in this system are so quiet that customers won’t even notice the system at work. The Solar Aerobic System also comes with a complete control center to monitor and control the waste treatment system.

    The Solar Aerobic 3-Compartment System can be used with a liquid chlorinator which accepts ordinary household bleach. This eliminates the need for the owner to bother with messy tablet treatments. This also allows the system to operate at a much lower cost than other treatment systems.

  • 4-Compartment System Specifications

    National Wastewater Septic Systems also offers a more complex treatment system ideal for larger, commercial or industrial areas. The 4-compartment system is a scaled-down version of the treatment devices used by townships and municipalities. Like the 3-compartment system, the 4-compartment system also works with aeration to treat sewage with the proper organisms. There are six steps involved in the 4-compartment treatment process.

    1. Pretreatment starts in a designated tank which traps and separates non-biodegradable waste.
    2. Wastewater moves into the aeration chamber where oxygen is introduced, spurring the growth of helpful organisms and bacteria that will break down the solid waste.
    3. Solids and liquids are separated in the clarifier and activated sludge is returned to the aeration chamber.
    4. A liquid chlorinator disinfects when needed.
    5. Chlorinated discharge is stored in a holding tank to be disposed of properly by the system.
    6. Organisms continue to digest solids in the wastewater with the help of linear air pumps.

    A central control panel monitors and controls the entire system, ensuring it operates efficiently and requires only low-cost maintenance. And while the 4-compartment system is efficient and complex, it is still a one-piece design with no moving parts or filters that need extra attention and repair.

Key Benefits

Warranty Information

2-Year Limited Warranty when Properly Installed & Registered (per website)
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