Thomas Septic Air Pumps

Thomas is a highly respected manufacturer of linear septic aerator pumps that boast quiet operation, expert construction, and cost-effective operation. Each and every Thomas series linear septic air pump is built to last, saving you time, money, and the headaches of worrying about your septic system.

Oilless Operation

The Thomas septic air pumps are constructed for oilless operation. Their linear construction means less moving parts, and less touching parts, completely eliminating the need for added lubrication or other such routine maintenance. This linear construction also means the system requires less maintenance overall, making Thomas septic air pumps an affordable and dependable option, perfect for anyone in need of a septic air pump that won’t require added or unnecessary effort or costs. In combination with less needed general maintenance and a quiet operation, the Thomas septic air pumps also feature an optimized lifetime. The combination of fewer moving/wearing parts and oil-less operation means less chance of malfunction, damage, or mishap throughout its lifetime, guaranteeing your Thomas septic air pump will serve you for years to come.

Save Money

The Thomas septic air pumps will also save you money. While Thomas septic air pumps may lie on the higher end of the price scale as compared to industry standards, the impressive longevity of the units will certainly save you money in the long run. Even with the initial cost factored in, the nature of these pumps will help you save money: Thomas septic pumps overall require fewer repairs, and last longer than comparable options on the market. Thomas septic air pumps are also designed with power efficiency in mind. The Thomas septic air pumps generally consume less power than their traditional counterparts, making them an excellent option for homeowners and lower impact applications of all types.

Silent Operation

In addition to not disturbing your wallet, the Thomas septic air pumps will also leave your peace undisturbed. Their specialty construction ensures quiet and low vibration operation, as well as low pulsation operation, keeping your home quiet, and insuring vibration doesn’t dislodge your pump from its rightful place.

Applications of the Thomas Septic Air Pump

The Thomas septic air pumps can be used in a variety of capacities, including home and commercial applications. Other options for use of these excellent air pumps include sewage aeration, pond aeration, aquaculture, medical applications, custom water features, air pillow packaging, air mattress inflation, and more. The Thomas line of septic air pumps can also be operated in a significant range of environments. Rated for operation between 14 degrees Fahrenheit and 104 degrees Fahrenheit, these pumps will serve you well year-round.

Additional Information

A septic air pump is a necessary element in the health and maintenance of an aerobic septic system and should be replaced or repaired immediately if damaged or malfunctioning. The bacteria within your system require a certain amount of oxygen in order to complete their function; namely to digest, settle, and break down waste from your home or business in order to be properly collected and disposed of. The process of breaking down septic waste in an aerobic system can be around 20x faster than the process of breaking down septic waste in an anaerobic septic system. If the bacteria in the system are not supplied with proper levels of oxygen by a working and well maintained septic air pump, the system can begin to malfunction, corrode, or otherwise wear down. Signs of an improperly aerated or otherwise malfunctioning septic system include:

  • Foul smell or discharge coming from the system itself
  • An overflow of waste from the system
  • Increased toxicity or non-clear/unsafe runoff
  • Difficulty in removing and disposing of the waste from your septic system

Improper maintenance of your septic system can result in wasted time and high-cost repair expenses which can ruin your day and your budget. Make sure to routinely check your system for signs of malfunction, and perform routine maintenance on your pump in order to ensure proper operation.

Along with energy efficiency, low cost of maintenance, impressive capabilities, and long life of the quality operation, the Thomas septic air pumps can also be repaired multiple times prior to replacement. Kits for repairing these units are available for purchase and can save you significant amounts of money if used properly and on properly maintained systems.

Thomas septic air pumps are intended as a replacement for non-functioning or unusable existing Thomas septic air pumps or comparable models. If your Thomas septic air pump has already been repaired, consider contacting a professional to determine whether another repair can be performed, or if a new unit should be purchased.

Product Lines

Septic Air Pumps

  • AP-80 Linear Septic Air Pump Specifications
    • 80 Liters of air per minute
    • 4.4 PSI maximum continuous pressure
    • 120VAC, 60 Hz, 1.6A, 73 Watts
    • 35 dBA @ 1 meter
    • Fits most 500 GPD aerobic septic systems

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