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When searching for the ideal septic tank system, it is important to search for a system that is reliable. Although price can be an important upfront factor, it is vital that you consider the long-term cost of any septic system before investing in the product. That’s why professionals and amateurs alike are fans of Ecological Tanks Septic Systems. Ecological Tank manufactures two brands of septic systems: Aqua Aire and Aqua Safe. Although each type of system has its unique factors, Aqua Aire and Aqua Safe share many vital qualities, including the high-quality components and reliable service.

Ease of Use

Ecological Tank Septic Systems AS and AA models are both beloved by septic tank users because of their ease of use. They are inexpensive and self-contained, which makes them the perfect fit for homeowners with a busy schedule. The system features risers at the top of the tank to allow for regular inspections. They need little maintenance, but when large issues arise they are easy to fix at home. These septic air tanks can be rebuilt with easy-to-use and inexpensive repair kits. Many repair kits for Aqua Safe and Aqua Aire models can be found at Wholesale Septic Supply.

When properly cared for, Ecological Tanks Septic Systems meet EPA secondary treatment guideline parameters. They are designed to provide long-term, reliable and cost-efficient service.

Aqua Aire

Aqua Aire products are Class 1 Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems. They come in several different sizes and models to best fit your needs. The products are sized based off of the gallons per day of water that you will use.

Aqua Safe

Unlike the rectangular Aqua Aire systems, Aqua Safe Septic Tanks are round in shape. Despite the discrepancy in shape, the two systems have similar operating standards. The septic systems are typically built with fiberglass, but sometimes are made with concrete. Aqua Aire Systems are quiet and dependable. As long as you keep up with standard maintenance, you may even forget it is there.

The Aqua Safe series was created with small-scale use in mind. The systems can treat wastewater from residential homes, small communities, and light commercial applications. The patented Aqua Safe process features an extended aeration activated sludge process. This process has been proven to reduce sewage to an odor-less safe discharge in an impressive 24 hours. Like the Aqua Aire products, it is ANSI/NSF Standard #40 Class 1.

Product Lines

Aqua Aire

  • AA500 to AA1500 Specifications

    Aqua Aire models AA500 to 1500 are the most basic models in the Aqua Aire lineup. They are rectangular in size and are comprised of both an aeration mixing and a clarifier compartment. They are divided by an internal dividing wall. These models are extremely popular because they get the job done without the fuss of fancy equipment. They are quiet at just 36 dBA, and can typically connect to an alarm, so you will be notified when the equipment needs maintenance. These models are the ones most commonly found in residential use.

  • AA500-3575, -4075, -4050 Specifications

    For larger operations, you want to invest in the AA500-3575, -4075, or -4050. These septic systems feature four compartments instead of 2. These compartments include a pre-treatment tank, an aeration mixing zone, a clarifier compartment, and a rear pump tank. The water flows through all these processes before the final effluent passes through a disinfection device. This process provides clear and odor-less effluent discharge that exceeds national standards.

  • AA800-00110 & AA1200-00160 Specifications

    These large Aqua Aire models only have three compartments, but the compartments are very large. They are comprised of an aeration mixing zone, a clarifier compartment, and a rear pump tank. Wastewater flows through all three of these compartments before exiting out of a disinfection device that ensures the cleanest water possible.

Aqua Safe

  • AS500 to AS1500 Specifications

    These Aqua Safe models are the most common models found in homes. They feature fiberglass round tanks that have an aeration mixing compartment and a clarifier compartment. Wastewater passes through these compartments before passing through a 300-gallon pump take with an option effluent filter. The water that is discharged from this system is safe to dispose of in your local areas. There are multiple sizes of this model dependant on how many gallons per day you require for your septic system.

  • AS500CU & AS600CU Specifications

    These Aqua Safe models are similar to the models described above, but with one notable exception. Attached to the AS500CU and AS600CU is a 68-gallon chlorine contact tank with a chlorine device. After the wastewater flows through the aeration mixing compartment and clarifier compartment, the water passes through the chlorine tank. This ensures the water is as clean as possible before being disposed of.

Key Benefits

Warranty Information

Non-Transferable 2-5 Year Limited Warranty (per manual)
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