Clearstream Septic Wastewater Systems

Clearstream Septic Systems

Clearstream Wastewater has been in business for over 30 years. They are the largest manufacturer in the state of Texas of aerobic septic systems. Due to their early entry into the wastewater industry and smart planning by the owner, they dominate the landscape with more systems in the ground than any other aerobic septic system manufacture in the state of Texas. They have various pre-casting sights throughout the state and a large number of loyal installers.

Clearstream started out as a fiberglass tank manufacture after not liking the quality of the tanks they were receiving from a different aerobic septic system manufacturer. They still produce fiberglass systems in large numbers but have moved massively to the concrete all in one system do to installer demand and profit. It’s cheaper to manufacture concrete systems than fiberglass ones. They are remarkably fast at moving a system from the truck to in the ground. They have special trucks with knuckle boom cranes. Theses cranes allow them to get systems in the field of the most difficult of areas.

Clearstream Septic Builds treatment systems constructed of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, and concrete. Fiberglass tanks are made of the best quality fiberglass reinforcement strands available. They were then tested and certified by an approved laboratory to meet and exceed the construction requirements of the IAPMO. Also, Clearstream Fiberglass tanks have passed the test of time. Thousands of Fiberglass tanks have been in the ground for years. Clearstream also makes Precast Reinforced Concrete tanks. All tanks must go past strict engineering standers that various county in the united states requires. Designed differently than other
thanks they are not square but oval this helps reduce the size. A testament to the strength of the tanks is that they're hoisted with bolts inside them instead of chains like everyone else. All the internal parts of a Clearstream are no corrosive and made for use in wastewater.
One of the reasons Clearstream entered the business was because they didn’t like the quality of the tanks they were receiving and decided to make a system of their own. Clearstream tanks
are very durable and very well made there is no doubt about that. Their fiberglass tanks are in our opinion the same quality and just as good as Consolidated Treatment Systems.

Product Lines

Clearstream Septic Systems

  • Model 500N Specifications

    5 Residents A 100 G.P.P.
    500 G.P.D.

  • Model 600N Specifications

    6 Residents A 100 G.P.P.
    600 G.P.D.

  • Model 750N Specifications

    7.5 Residents A 100 G.P.P.
    750 G.P.D.

  • Model 1000N Specifications

    10 Residents A 100 G.P.P.
    1000 G.P.D.

  • Model 1500N Specifications

    15 Residents A 100 G.P.P.
    1500 G.P.D.

Key Benefits

  • Largest Texas-Based Manufacturer

    In business and servicing the country for over 30 years

  • Well Made & Durable

    All tanks go through strict engineering standards

  • Available in Concrete & Fiberglass

    You have the option of concrete or fiberglass when choosing Clearstream wastewater tanks.

Warranty Information

Limited 2-Year Warranty on each Clearstream Aerobic Wastewater Treatment System (referenced in manuals)

Maintenance & Servicing Recommendations

In order for the Clearstream System to function at optimum performance levels, the system will require periodic service. The recommended service schedule includes:
Repair or Replace Aerator Every 2-10 Years Recommendations:
This is highly recommended.
Clean Filters on Aerator Every 6 months - 2 years
Break Up Scum in Clarifier Every 6 months - 2 years Recommendations:
This is highly recommended.
Pump Sludge from Aeration Tank Every 2-5 years
Pump Sludge from Trash Trap Every 2-5 years Recommendations:
This is highly recommended.
Check Aeration Diffuser Every 12 Months Recommendations:
This is highly recommended.
Check Surge Control Weir Every 6 months
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