Consolidated Treatment Systems

Consolidated Treatment Systems

Located in Franklin, Ohio, Consolidated Treatment Systems, Inc. (CTS) is the manufacturer of Enviro-Guard, Multi-Flo, and Nayadic wastewater treatment units. The company also provides materials for drip irrigation systems. Recently, CTS ventured into engineered designs, most notably in the Florida Keys, where nutrient removal is a major issue. Accompanied by Jet as the original aerobic septic system, the Multi-Flo is the first system tested by the NSF with an approval. CTS is run by some of the most dedicated wastewater professionals in the industry. They’re routinely testing systems under different stress loads to improve the systems they manufacture. Not all companies set such high standards for research and testing, using top-level engineers and specialists in the field. Consolidated goes above and beyond. Their own testing facility in B.C tests every 3 months using multiple systems and system sizes to test different scenarios and improve design and function of the systems. To keep ahead of ever-changing regulations, CTS keeps very strict guidelines and a rigorous application process for contractors who wish to be dealers and installers. You’re sure to get the very best when you hire a Consolidated installer. Should an installer not meet CTS’s expectations, CTS has been known to sever ties quickly with contractors whose quality of work is below CTS standards. While they value healthy revenue, Consolidated Treatment Systems places greater value on their name and reputation. That is just one of the reasons they are beloved and respected in the industry.


Wastewater Treatment System for Residential and Commercial Pro

Simply the Best

Multi-Flo is a convenient alternative to a central sewage system or the septic tank and is ideal for the renovation of a failing on-site sewage system.  Thanks to its durable and lightweight construction, Multi-Flo can be installed quickly and easily in most locations even if those locations have limiting factors. Most importantly, though, Multi-Flo offers the highest quality of any wastewater treatment system in its class. It’s simply the best at treating wastewater to a high degree.

Clean and Odorless Effluent

Unique to the Multi-Flo System is the quiet, water-cooled, and energy efficient submersible aerator along with the no-bypass positive filtration design. The Multi-Flo contains 132 square feet of 100-micron fixed film media. This film filters the wastewater before it can be discharged from the system. The Multi-Flo has been tested and certified under ANSI/NSF Standard 40 as a Class I system; the highest rating possible. Because of the high degree of treatment, the Multi-Flo effluent is allowed for surface discharge as well as recycling and irrigation use.

Founded in 1970, Multi-Flo has set the standard in wastewater treatment. From the day of its inception, Multi-Flo was developed with the highest efficiency in mind. Consequently, they have never had to change to meet standards required by NSF International. The Multi-Flo was one of the first systems tested by NSF and has been continuously produced since.


Wastewater Treatment System

Residential and Commercial Sewage Treatment System

Why are Residential and Commercial Consumers Buying Nayadic Wastewater Treatment Systems?

NAYADIC is an efficient Wastewater Treatment Plant that serves the needs of residential and commercial customers all around the world. Specifically engineered to provide the highest degree of treatment with only minimal maintenance requirements, NAYADIC is an engineering masterpiece. The most popular model treats 500 gpd (gallons per day) with a capacity of 600 gallons. This saves money if whoever is pumping your system charges you by the gallon. Other systems usually need 750-1000 gallon tanks to achieve this level of treatment. The easy access system is very maintenance friendly, with access to a diffuser that almost lasts forever. You can view the whole system from the treatment area and this allows you to very easily see what’s wrong or which bacteria are alive and which are dead. It’s one of the systems that can be installed without a trash tank, although we definitely recommend one. Installing a trash tank serves to protect the other components of the system by collecting improperly disposed-of matter such as tampons, hair, lotions, oils, grease, cigarette butts, etc. These should not go down sinks and toilets. The trash tank also extends the period between vacuum services. A family of four can go 5-6 years without a cleanup. With no trash tank, you’ll need to pump/vacuum the system every 3 years. With over 30 years experience, NAYADIC is one of the oldest names in the wastewater industry. A highly focused leadership emphasizes NAYADIC’s superior customer service and research development. NAYADIC systems can use Gast rotary vane pumps or Hiblow air pumps. Overall, when an ANSI/NSF standard 40 protocol system can be used and your installer knows what he is doing, this is by far the best system on the market. A lot of systems took the NAYADIC design and put the cone in the tank but aeration is on the outside and can’t be seen thus never achieving the NAYADIC serviceability or efficiency. It is, by far, one of the best-engineered systems on the market.

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f 16th 2018

Johnathan McGuire

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Tony Mecklenburg
4 years ago

Dear Folks, I use the 500 gallon Nayadic treatment system here in Juneau Alaska. I use stream water to flush the toilet as a precaution to save the freshwater (roof collected). All of Alaska is undergoing a dry spell, so fresh water conservation is critical. I live near a inland sea water that is about 28 ppt. I can collect the water easily enough, but would like your advice on using seawater to flush the toilets. Most human waste should contain an array of chemicals, sea water should not be much different in composition. I would appreciate you advice on… Read more »

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