AquaSafe Aerobic Treatment Unit

Aqua Safe Aerobic Treatment Unit


There are a few positives to the Aqua Safe approach. You can likely go longer between clean outs of the septic system 
and it can handle more than the label says but they don’t feel like paying NSF again to find out. Some drawbacks are that it costs more to clean out. Not much, though. The usual charge for larger systems is $100. This ends up being pretty worth it because you don’t need to get it cleaned out as often. These systems are over-engineered but that’s a positive for the consumer.

These types of systems are very common in the aerobic septic system market with manufacturers making basically the same system. This design is just a Jet system with no shaft aeration but instead using a Hiblow or Gast Rotary Vane unit. This is a well-known secret that many in the industry deny. They are well designed and do a wonderful job treating your water. Below is a different manufacturer and you’ll see exactly how similar they are. The only difference is the dimension of the tank itself, but the overall design is the same. They are also pretty easy to service and fix. Almost anyone can do it. At Aerobic Septic System we give a pretty big thumbs up to AquaSafe!

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f 16th 2018

Johnathan McGuire

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