The Guide To Buying Aerobic Septic Parts Online

When it comes to repairs on your system, because things will break, there are multiple places to buy parts from. Replacing an aerator or rebuilding one takes minimal time and can save you a ton of money. Replacing an effluent pump is a little more work but not that difficult.  There are four major players on the market with a couple offering way better price points than others. Some have gimmick guarantees but when people do that we ask "why not just provide that price, to begin with." They gouge you on the price at the start and make you call them on it before they offer something fair. We think every company should just offer honest pricing to start off with and avoid the hassle, you shouldn't have to ask. We've found to have the best prices. They sell to the public at, you guessed it, wholesale prices that are reasonable and affordable. If you look at it, they are about 30-40 percent lower than anyone else.  The staff knows what they are doing as well as can size things. We used to use some other online sellers, but once we found Wholesale Septic, we realized we'd been getting ripped off this whole time. We have friends all over the country telling us how much they get charged for a part and if we know a better price , we tell them. Most units are universal and most systems are the same. There are some unique and complicated ones; who knows how people get suckered into them. The owner of wholesale septic supply knows a bunch about everything septic. I have yet to talk to anyone who knows more about Gast rotary vane units. We like them because they don’t sell junk like enzymes and hocus-pocus nonsense that doesn’t work. If you can rebuild your pump and save money, they tell you to rebuild it instead of selling you a higher priced item. They have good ethics and that’s hard to find.   He will explain things in depth and has useful knowledge of the whole process and how the bacteria work. They don’t rush off the phone and will spend the time working on things with you over the phone.

What Do You Need?

Well, there are only two main components to your system; the septic aerator and the septic effluent pump that pumps the water to the sprinklers or field lines. The air pump, or aerator, is easy to rebuild and replace and on most systems, you don’t have to get dirty to accomplish this. It’s a pretty straightforward process. The effluent pump should also be pretty straightforward, though in some areas it will be more complicated. We explain how to do that here so nothing you run into should be out of reach. Even parts of your control panel can be found and replaced like the alarm buzzer and air pressure switch for the alert to let you know the septic aerator is down.

Basically, shopping for septic parts online should not be as complicated or scary as some companies make it out to be. Finding a quality online retailer can make your whole life easier when it comes to septic aerators, and we've been extremely pleased with Wholesale Septic Supply. Give them a shot!

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f 5th 2018

Johnathan McGuire

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