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Grinder pumps aren’t glamorous, but they serve a vital purpose. Any home or building that uses water needs to have a grinder pump that can transfer wastewater from the plumbing to the treatment tank. Grinder pumps, as their name implies, perform the extra step of grinding wastewater until it is ready to be easily processed by the treatment system without the risk of blockages. Grinder pumps are particularly useful for treatment systems with small inlet diameters, which typically cannot handle large debris.

Grinder pumps usually operate for about a minute, making them unobtrusive. They are one of the best options for single pump pressure systems in homes and other buildings, although multiple pump systems are also possible. Progressing cavity and centrifugal pump designs are both common. Grinder pumps are well known for their high reliability and low upfront costs, as well as their low maintenance. They do not pose the same hassles that gravity-based systems do, such as landscape and spatial limitations.

AGP-HC200 2HP Grinder Pump

The 2HP Grinder Pump operates at 2 horsepower. It is the simplest grinder pump available for a pressure system. This grinder pump sports a 10 vane brass vortex impeller to ensure proper wastewater consistency. The power cords are built to be quickly changed so no building spends a significant amount of time without a pump. The Ashland grinder pump is built for horizontal or vertical discharge, maximizing its versatility. Some other perks of the Ashland design include the following:

  • Viton o-rings
  • 440C SS Hybrid cutting system
  • Double row angular contact lower bearing

AGP300 3HP Grinder Pump

This grinder pump boasts all the assets of the AGP-HC200 but with a higher horsepower, allowing it to handle even more. For businesses and homes looking for an upgrade, the AGP300 3HP Grinder Pump is the perfect match of simplicity and higher power.

All Ashland grinder pumps are made from compact designs. The AGP300 is roughly 30.25 by 12 inches. This smaller size allows for more versatility in placement and installation that guarantees Ashland grinder pumps to be a good choice for any size building or property.

AGP500 5HP Grinder Pump

Ashland grinder pumps are great for single pump systems, or multiple pump systems with extreme pressure demands. These higher pressure demands are handled by the centrifugal design and higher horsepower levels. Depending on the demand, Ashland pumps can be purchased with dual stage designs.

AGP750 7.5HP Grinder Pump

This is the most industrial grinder pump Ashland has to offer. With 7.5 horsepower, it is built to handle even the highest pressure demands from high occupancy plumbing systems. The AGP750 Grinder Pump combines the elegance of the simplest home pump design with the strength of an industrial grinder. It includes all the benefits of the previous grinder pumps but is more powerful. This grinder pump provides the ultimate experience in efficiency and elegance of design, drastically lowering the risk of septic system problems due to debris or backups.

Why Ashland

Ashland grinder pumps are constructed from sturdy cast iron, making them durable and long-lasting. They are sealed with silicon carbide, a material that is both temperature and water resistant, eliminating two of the most common risk factors for any machine. They are also equipped with seal leak detection, ensuring prompt treatment for any potential damage the pump may suffer. This minimizes overall damage and lowers repair costs.

Ashland grinder pumps give home and business owners an easier septic system overall. Unlike normal pumps, Ashland grinder pumps break down solid waste and as such, grinder systems can handle more debris than normal plumbing. Although there are still products that should not be sent down the drain even in a home with a grinder pump, having a grinder pump lessens the chances of accidental blockage or backups.

Ashland grinder pumps are also extremely low maintenance. Once they have been installed, there is little reason to service them throughout the rest of the product’s lifespan.

Grinder pump pressure sewer systems have been proven to be the most cost-effective waste disposal systems available. They frequently beat out gravity-based systems when analyzed by sewer and water associations. They are frequently chosen for commercial building projects and have been considered one of the higher standards in most homes built since the 1980s.

Grinder pumps are a high-quality product in general, and Ashland offers the best of the best. Their lab-tested, reliable products have been leading the market for over a quarter century.


Ashland pumps come with a uniquely long warranty. Instead of the common 2-year warranty, Ashland pumps are covered for three years. During those three years, guaranteed repairs or replacements are available for all properly installed and registered devices, making Ashland a confident purchase.