Septic Air Pump Manufacturers

There are a number of industry leaders in the world of septic aerators that each have certain pros and cons associated with their brand. Gast and Thomas rotary vane pumps last a very long time, but operate loudly. Hiblow is the industry leader and makes very high-quality diaphragm pumps. FujiMAC pumps last an incredibly long time and come with a great two (sometimes three) year warranty. We've got all the scoops like this and more after decades in the septic industry. We've installed, inspected, and repaired thousands of systems and have seen every brand's products in action. Come check out our articles on all of these types of pumps so you can make the most informed decision possible!

Hiblow Septic Air Pumps

Founded by Tomoasa Kawaski April first 1947, and now lead by his son Nozomu Kawasaki, Hiblow Septic Air Pumps are the industry leader for aeration pumps. TECHNO TAKATSUKI/HiBLOW introduced the diaphragm pump in 1967 they...

Fuji Mac Septic Air Pumps

Fuji MAC Septic Air Pumps Fuji Mac Air pumps, while new to the United States, are world renowned and very well known in Asian countries. They are made by Fuji Clean who is the largest...

Repair Guides

How to Rebuild and Repair a Hiblow Septic Aerator

 Why is the Alarm Going off on my Hiblow Septic Aerator? The alarm of your...
Hiblow HP-80 Repair Guide

Hiblow HP 80 Repair Guide